Ecommerce or electronic commerce is buying and selling of products electronically on the internet. Ecommerce is growing in popularity with every passing day primarily because of the ease of shopping. Users can now browse and compare various products, bargains and deals and shop online from comfort of their homes. If you are manufacturer, wholesaler, super distributor or distributor of a product and not promoting and selling your product range online you are missing on tons of potential orders and sales. There are primarily two methods using which you can sell your products online. First being building your own online portal and selling through it and the second being listing and selling through various online marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart and more. Other than these two methods you can also sell your product online through your Facebook page and classified websites.

Ecommerce Portal Development

Portal development on various platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart and many others.

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Ecommerce Promotion

Promote your portal and products on various search engines and social networking websites such as Facebook, Google and more.

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Marketplaces Promotion

List your product on various ecommerce marketplaces such as Amazon and more. We take care of listing, promotion and much more.

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Other Services

If you are manufacturer, distributor or retailer of a product or service, selling the same online is one of the most potent avenues to increase sales. Taking your brand or products online is the most obvious thing to do as there is where people are looking to buy your products and services.

Advantages of selling online are numerous both on your own portal and on other platforms. The primary benefit being that you breach your geographic limitation and reach to every potential client both in all corners of the country and the world. Selling online can bring to you steady sales and revenue on auto-pilot along with building a loyal client base and brand name.

After deciding to sell online, you need to decide whether you will be selling on your own portal, on other ecommerce platforms or still over avenues or all of the above. Each one of the same offers various advantages and challenges. Like selling on an ecommerce marketplace will involve commissions and competition whereas selling on your own website will involve portal building and its promotion.

There are many options available in the market to build your own ecommerce portal. There are companies that offer plug and play ecommerce portal as a service and charge a monthly fee. Alternatively you can always build your online portal using one of many shopping cart applications available like WordPress and more.

You will need to decide on a few things before you embark on your online journey. First you will have to decide on your shopping cart application, then you will require professional images of your products preferably with couple of views and then you will require sales description of your products. Of course you will have to work out pricing of your products accordingly.

If you are selling on your own website, you will also require to sign-up for an online payment gateway account to collect payments online and with a courier company to ship your products to the clients. If you are selling on an ecommerce marketplace the said will take care of these requirement but will charge you a commission fee for the same.

After your portal gets created now starts the most important aspect of selling online. Building traffic to your portal is the most important facet of selling online. Having a great store without anybody visiting it is of no value. The more visitors to your website the more sales and revenue you will generate.

There are many ways in which you can build traffic to your portal the top being Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO and SEM) and Social Media Optimization and Marketing (SMO and SMM). SEO and SEM is where you rank your website and advertise on search engine like Google and SMO and SMM is where you promote your portal on social media websites like Facebook.

At TopnotchBranding we offer end to end solutions for online selling, right for conceptualization and planning to portal building to online sales and promotion. We believe in becoming part of your business rather than working as a third party service provider. You can leave all aspects of selling online to us and just provide us the required support.

Depending upon your product or service, we will chalk out a customized plan for you. If needed, we will build an ecommerce portal, handle logistic and undertake online promotion and marketing. Alternatively we will list your product on major ecommerce marketplaces and also promote the same. Subject to requirement we may undertake both the options.

No two business or business goals are alike and thus no two marketing plan and effort should be. We provide customized services to each of our clients depending upon their needs, products and business goals. Other providers mostly promote one size fits all kind of an approach which leaves much to be desired.

Other than this we have extensive experience and expertise in all facets of online selling. Our scope of work includes website development to digital marketing to selling on other ecommerce marketplaces to much more. Thus your business plan will be totalistic plan which will include all aspects of selling online.