Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the process of advertising one’s website on Google’s and other search engines advertising programs. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) was an umbrella term used for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising together until few years back. Today Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is exclusively associated with PPC and other paid advertising methods online. Google’s AdWords program and Pay Per Click advertising are the most authoritative advertising program and methodology used for online advertising.

Why SEM from TopnotchBranding?
Search Engine Marketing is one of the best methods to get traffic to your website or landing page. As SEO efforts take some time to show effect especially for a new website SEM can be the preferred choice to drive traffic. With SEM defining one’s campaign goals and having an eye on ROI is especially important.

With Search Engine Marketing your website will show up on search results and on other publisher’s websites as a sponsored listing or an advert. Whenever a user will click on the advert and visit your website you will be charged a small amount. Thus SEM will provide you with unlimited, targeted, instant and guaranteed traffic to your website but at a price. A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will create a perfect campaign for you, which will involve keyword research, bidding for various keywords, creating interactive adverts, testing, tracking tweaking and much more.

Topnotch Branding SEM Process


  • • Instant targeted traffic for your business
  • • Customized targeting and tracking of ROI may be achieved

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Client testimonials

Totally satisfied with the SEO services provided, my website has seen steady increase in traffic and enquires from our website has gone up. I thank you for all the effort and work put in by you guys. I would definitely recommend your services to my business associates. Gaurang Shah, Co-founder, OmMoksh
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